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Pros and cons of QuickBooks vs a proprietary accounting module

With users loving QuickBooks, is it really worth learning and trusting a competitor’s proprietary accounting module?

QuickBooks has become the #1 world accounting package for small businesses. According to Copper Mann Company, QuickBooks desktop editions remain among the most popular financial systems used by manufacturing and job shop applications, largely due to the effectiveness of connecting the operational applications to an accounting solution which proves highly workable and which has strong industry support. Most users tend to love working with QuickBooks and don’t want to give it up.

When looking at implementing an Engineer-to-Order (ETO) solution, most customers want to continue using the accounting package they are comfortable with. Some bigger solutions do offer their own accounting package but customers are skeptical and want to ensure that it has all the functionality of QuickBooks. So then why replace QuickBooks if you don’t have to.

No single financial package suits every ETO business

Engineer-to-Order manufacturers are unique in their accounting needs. While QuickBooks satisfies the vast majority of companies, occasionally a client will prefer to stay with their existing accounting package and want Questica to tie in with it. This can be done. We have a number of cases where this has been the ideal solution.

Questica ETO can make life easier for accounting

Questica ETO handles the most difficult daily accounting tasks with ease. Purchasing, receiving and payables batching are all detailed and managed within Questica ETO. Integration or posting of summary data to the Payables module is simple. Tracking of all labor is also detailed within the system. Questica ETO offers integration or posting to the Payroll module or linking to outside service providers such as ADP.

Questica ETO also includes real time tracking and managing of your inventory including monthly Profit/Loss reports and Work in Progress (WIP).  Questica ETO allows your staff to purchase and sell in various currencies, converting them to your home currency for reporting. Project and job costing are done automatically virtually eliminating all the effort required in the past.

Life for accounting just became easier as most of the tasks are completed in Questica ETO so you only have to go to your accounting package to pay invoices.

Less risk to integrate Questica ETO to your accounting package then trust a homegrown accounting module

Since all of the accounting information is gathered and collected in Questica ETO, there is no need to learn a new accounting program. Questica ETO is unique in providing the flexibility to suit your accounting needs. Within Questica ETO we can now provide you with a seamless integration with QuickBooks. Your accounting data is automatically exported into QuickBooks to pay bills, collect receivables and produce financial reports. If you are not on QuickBooks, that’s not a problem, we can integrate with any accounting package.

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