Designed By and For Engineer-to-Order Manufacturers

What are the benefits?

Designed By and For ETO Manufacturers

Unlike other systems designed to suit several types of manufacturing, Questica ETO was designed with the collaboration of 5 custom design manufacturers to ensure our system would meet the unique needs of engineer-to-order manufacturers. Questica ETO is the only system designed from inception exclusively for custom design manufacturers. Every single client is an ETO manufacture.

Provides Early Warning Manager Job Costing

As your staff places orders, allocates stock or logs hours to a job, these costs are reported, in real time, against the budget. This gives Managers an accurate indication if a project is going to meet budget throughout the manufacturing process instead of waiting for post shipment accounting costs and finding out too late that you are over budget. Our early warning system keeps you on track.

Eliminates Double Entry and Reduces Clerical Errors

Questica ETO eliminates information duplication and speeds up the time from order entry to shipment. It also provides you with real time costing and critical Management information. Freeing up your most valuable resource, your staff, from costly clerical tasks to focus on their skills means more output and higher profits. Questica will work with your company to unleash its full potential.

Streamlines Information Between Engineers and Purchasing

Questica ETO minimizes the information bottleneck between Engineering and Purchasing by allowing designers to create BOM’s quickly, giving them the confidence to release data frequently, and therefore dynamically integrating with Purchasing. Questica ETO’s unique “hold and release” system provides designers with unparalleled control on the release of BOM items and assemblies to Purchasing.

Integrates with your Own 3D CAD Solution

Questica ETO offers your design team outstanding flexibility, power and versatility in creating, modifying and controlling the flow of information to and from Purchasing. Questica ETO integrates your BOM with the most popular 3D CAD packages from SolidWorks and AutoDesk eliminating the need to re-key design data into the business system.

New – Seamlessly Integrates with QuickBooks, or Connect to another Financial System

As a custom design manufacturing company your focus is on designing and building a product, not accounting. Within Questica ETO we can now provide you with a seamless integration with QuickBooks, the number one accounting solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Your accounting data is automatically exported into QuickBooks to pay bills, collect receivables and product financial reports. Not on QuickBooks? No problem, we can integrate with any accounting package. Let us show you a better way.

Affordable for Small and Mid-sized ETO Manufactures

All of our customers are small to mid-sized custom design manufacturers like yourself. Questica ETO is configurable and affordable for your business. Call us today and learn how we can help transform your business and help you get to the next level of financial profitability.

Get Questica ETO Up and Running Quickly

Since Questica ETO was developed by and for ETO manufacturers, you will be pleased at how closely it matches the way you naturally do business. The result is a system that is easy to learn and quick to implement. The Questica ETO Agent will install and update the main application as well as updating itself whenever new underlining technologies get added to the application. This saves your IT staff from manually adding each client and allows us to roll out the newer technologies quicker.

A Buyer’s Guide for ERP Software

Searching for an ERP system can be time consuming and frustrating. There are so many options on the market and most companies do not understand the unique needs of custom design manufacturers. To assist you in your search we have put together a list of top questions every ETO manufacturer should ask when looking for an ERP system. For more details click here.

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