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Manufacturing sector continues to grow [Video]


The latest Manufacturing ISM Report On Business revealed economic activity in this sector expanded in April for the second straight month.

How cloud ERP creates growth opportunities for engineer-to-order manufacturers


Although a cloud-based computing system might sound like it’s invoking some type of unobtainable pie-in-the-sky solution, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Manufacturing industry bringing back jobs [Video]


Attracting and hiring the top talent for engineer-to-order manufacturers is always a top priority.

How Questica ETO can boost engineer-to-order competitiveness


As more disruptors continue to enter into market, engineer-to-order manufacturers must pivot quickly to deal with the shifting industrial landscape to stay ahead in this competitive environment.

Economic data points to uncertainty for engineer-to-order manufacturers in current market


By keeping a finger on the pulse of the biggest trends shaping the manufacturing landscape, companies that build engineer-to-order products can more rapidly respond to shifting markets, pivot to leverage these industrial adjustments and, ultimately, outperform competitors.

Optimizing inventories in lean times [Video]


According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, new orders for manufactured goods in February declined $8 billion, or 1.7 percent, to $454 billion.

How engineer-to-order manufacturers can prepare for upcoming minimum-wage hikes


As labor costs increase across the country, engineer-to-order manufacturers must ensure they’re effectively reducing warehousing and storage costs.

Building the factory of the future [Video]


As new technologies constantly emerge to disrupt industries, engineer-to-order manufacturers must be ready to rise up and incorporate these new tools if they plan on remaining competitive.

Moving beyond efficiency [Video]


The rise of automation has made achieving additional efficiency gains an increasingly difficult endeavor for engineer-to-order manufacturers.

Companies plan on boosting technology spending in 2016 [Video]


Although corporate decision-makers give their current IT infrastructure a "B minus," the majority plan on boosting their IT spend in 2016.

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