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Creating more accurate cost estimates in engineer-to-order manufacturing [Video]


Questica ETO lets engineer-to-order manufacturers reduce their margin for error when it comes time to estimate the costs of a job.

How startup manufacturers can thrive with software [Video]


Engineer-to-order manufacturers in the startup stage can benefit from using budgeting software.

Positioning engineer-to-order companies to compete in a growing industry


As the market’s demand for customized goods grows, manufacturers in this industry must be able to respond to the shifting landscape.

Keeping engineer-to-order manufacturing companies lean


Maintaining lean operations at engineer-to-order manufacturing companies can often be the impetus to finally boost the budget out of the red and into the black.

Attracting top talent for engineer-to-order manufacturers [Video]


Implementing technological tools like Questica ETO can help engineer-to-order manufacturers attract top talent.

Considerations when selling an engineer-to-order manufacturing company [Video]


Having the latest technological tools makes an engineer-to-order manufacturer more attractive for potential buyers.

How engineer-to-order manufacturers can create a culture of innovation


So much of engineer-to-order manufacturing relies on remaining innovative in both the research and development side and the production side of business.

Overcoming slumps in manufacturing [Video]


While recent reports on the state of the manufacturing industry might be cause for concern, thankfully there is a solution for engineer-to-order companies looking to overcome this slump.

Responding to shifting trends in engineer-to-order supply chain


Optimizing the supply chain process and removing bottlenecks is a crucial task for every engineer-to-order manufacturer. Unfortunately, supply chain procedures can cause some of the biggest headaches and create major obstacles for a manufacturer.

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