ETO Evaluator

1. Engineering releases the Bill of Material (BOM) in stages to Manufacturing throughout the design process. Engineering goes through a great deal of effort to manage and maintain BOM with purchasing and manufacturing.


2. Clients often request changes to the order during the design process (and occasionally after the design has been issued to purchasing and manufacturing) affecting design time and purchasing efforts.


3. The plant often identifies areas where the design needs to be changed, requiring Engineering to modify the drawings and the BOM while Purchasing is left to change the purchase orders.


4. The products that our company manufactures are usually new designs or a customized version of something that we've done before.


5. Having materials ready for when manufacturing needs them is a challenge.


6. It's necessary to have real-time project costing available to management, so they can effectively manage costs against estimates during the entire lifecycle of the project.

7. Most of you materials are purchased to:

8. Project committed costs are necessary for providing project managers/management comparisons of real time costs against estimated budgets.

9. Tracking labor costs directly to the project for accurate project costing is necessary.

10. Many projects require that purchasing order long lead items well in advance of the BOM being fully completed.

11. Our customers require us, at times, to produce approval drawings.

12. Number of employees in my organization:

13. Number of engineers in my organization: